Bradken Limited Annual Report 2015 - page 15

Workforce Profile
At the end of FY15 Bradken directly employed 3,650
people. Significant downsizing occurred during the period
with employment numbers falling 24% from the previous
year. Reflected in this figure are the closures of the
Welshpool foundry in Australia and the Chehalis foundry
in the United States along with significant reductions in
the manning of several other facilities as we reshaped our
workforce in line with market demand.
The period also saw another of our long serving
employees reach the milestone of 50 years of continuous
Youth Development
Bradken offers cadetships, industry scholarships and trade
apprenticeship opportunities across our global network
of facilities. These programs provide opportunities for
students studying in fields complementary to Bradken’s
core business function to gain practical ‘hands-on’
experience while obtaining their formal qualifications.
Our undergraduate programs are a key component of our
succession planning efforts and continue to provide us
with a pipeline of talent for the future.
For the period FY15 Bradken sponsored a total of
21 undergraduate students, both male and female, at
Universities and Colleges in Australia (the University of
Wollongong and the University of Newcastle in New
South Wales, and Curtin University in Western Australia)
and China (Henan Science and Technology University).
Fields of study undertaken by these students include
Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and
Mechatronic Engineering.
Foundry Practives (TAFE Queensland SkillsTech), AUS
Education and Training
Bradken remains committed to nurturing and developing
the skills of our people and actively promotes a culture
of continuous improvement and personal development.
In Australia a number of in-house training programs were
conducted during the period including Sales training
(in conjunction with AIM), Business Risk Management
training (in conjunction with EY) and ISO Quality training
and Auditor and ISO Awareness sessions (in conjunction
with SAI Global).
In the latter half of 2014 Bradken once again offered a
select group of employees and scholarship students the
opportunity to participate in the Foundry Practices course
run in conjunction with TAFE Queensland SkillsTech at
their state of the art facility in Acacia Ridge, Queensland
First run in 2011 the course covers all necessary
processes and practices involved in the manufacture of
metal castings which are at the foundation of our Business.
From pattern making to pouring moulds to inspection and
testing, the course provides valuable hands on learning on
the entire foundry process.
The continued offering of this course has furthered our
relationships with Wollongong and Newcastle Universities
(located in New South Wales, Australia) with both now
recognising the value of the course as part of their
curriculum with undergraduate participants receiving
course credits towards their degrees.
Employee Services
Rollout of the ‘Employee Connect’ Human Resources
Employee Information Portal continued during the period
with initial training sessions conducted in North America.
It is expected that this training will be completed across all
Bradken’s North American facilities in Q1 FY16.
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