Bradken Limited Annual Report 2015 - page 27

With a continued suppressed commodity market the coming year will again be challenging, with some increases
in activity coming from new mines moving into the maintenance stage. The full effect of recent price reductions
will be seen in 2016 as major supply contracts come into effect.
Overall, the Division’s direction will continue to concentrate on increasing share in existing markets, while
identifying and gaining sales in mining regions around the globe currently not serviced by Bradken.
While sales into new mining projects will be challenging on the domestic front, our developing relationship with
major EPCM’s, puts us in a good position to being considered for various global projects.
The consolidation of the Oil & Gas and Fixed Plant Businesses will provide benefits resultant of the effective
utilisation of shared resources. As such the Division has positioned itself to grow into the global market and
replicate its successful business model.
Bradken Rubatile Ceramic production line, Bassendean WA
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