Bradken Limited Annual Report 2015 - page 28

Bradken’s Cast Metal Services Business is a manufacturer and supplier of consumable products to the global cast metals
industry operating in regions where Bradken has an established manufacturing footprint. The Business also incorporates a
metal recycling operation which sources mild steel, stainless steel and alloy scrap steel largely from mine sites and industrial
operations to supply Bradken’s foundry operations.
The Business focuses on traded products and its own range of consumable products manufactured in facilities located in
Brisbane, Australia and Xuzhou, China selling to both internal (Bradken) and external customers. The Business is a leading
supplier to the Australian and New Zealand foundry industry.
Year in Review
Overall sales for FY15 were up 7.3% on the previous year due to significant new sales in North America where the Business
now has an established sales office. In Australia, further contraction in the resources sector has resulted in a significant
decrease in foundry activity. A subsequent decrease in the consumption of manufacturing consumables during this period
saw the Business’ sales into this region fall 15% from the FY14 figure.
In response to the tough market conditions and with limited opportunities for future growth in the region due to the already
high level of market penetration, Cast Metal Services Australian operations were restructured. This process included the
incorporation of the Metal Recycling Business and the relocation of the Cannington scrap facility in Western Australia to
Bradken’s Bassendean manufacturing facility, also located in Western Australia.
Sand core flow coating, Xuzhou CH
Metal recycling facilty, Runcorn AUS
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