Bradken Limited Annual Report 2015 - page 29

Sales of mild and alloy steel scrap in North America performed very well with sales of USD $9.4M for FY15. These sales
were new business for the period.
With the completion of the new refractory plant in Xuzhou, China in FY14, the export of product from this plant continued to
ramp up during FY15 taking advantage of the lower cost manufacturing base, with product being exported to Australia, North
America, Malaysia and Taiwan.
Looking towards FY16 a key focus for the Business is the growth of Cast Metal Services into the North American market. The
Business has commenced the manufacture of foundry refractory coatings for the United States and in addition has a range
of its own foundry consumable products on offer.
With the region expected to continue experiencing growth, a number of key initiatives will be undertaken including the
employment of technical sales personnel to focus on the External market, providing local technical representation and product
support, and the establishment of strategic global sourcing agreements for products and raw materials used in the various
manufacturing processes.
Cast Metal Services recently obtained a scrap metal import license for China enabling the commencement of alloy metal
scrap sales into a new region which will not only increase the Cast Metal Services Business’ revenue, but also give the
Bradken foundry facility in Xuzhou access to good quality alloy scrap.
Cast Metal Services warehouse, Brisbane AUS
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