Bradken Limited Annual Report 2015 - page 57

Bradken Limited
Directors' report (continued)
30 June 2015
D. Other information (continued)
Insurance of officers
Indemnification of auditors
Proceedings on behalf of the Company
Auditors' independence declaration
Rounding of amounts
This report is made in accordance with a resolution of the directors:
Nick Greiner
Brian Hodges
Managing Director
During the year, the Company paid a premium to insure the directors and secretaries of the Company and its Australian-based
controlled entities, the general managers of each of the businesses, all executive officers of the Group and of any related body
corporate against a liability incurred by such a director, secretary or executive officer to the extent permitted by the Corporations
Act 2001. The contract of insurance prohibits disclosure of the nature of the liability and the amount of the premium.
10 August 2015
The Company is of a kind referred to in Class Order 98/0100, issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission,
relating to the "rounding off" of amounts in the Directors' report. Amounts in the directors' report have been rounded off in
accordance with that Class Order to the nearest thousand dollars, or in certain cases, to the nearest dollar.
Ernst & Young continues in office in accordance with section 327 of the
Corporations Act 2001.
A copy of the auditors' independence declaration as required under section 307C of the Corporations Act 2001 is set out on page
The Company has not, during or since the end of the financial year, indemnified or agreed to indemnify any officer of the Group
or of any related body corporate against a liability incurred by any such officer.
No proceedings have been brought or intervened in on behalf of the Company with leave of the Court under section 237 of the
Corporations Act 2001.
No person has applied to the court under section 237 of the Corporations Act 2001 for leave to bring proceedings on behalf of
the Company, or to intervene in any proceedings to which the Company is a party, for the purpose of taking responsibility on
behalf of the Company for all or part of these proceedings.
To the extent permitted by law, the Company has agreed to indemnify its auditors, Ernst & Young, as part of the terms of its audit
engagement agreement against claims by third parties arising from the audit (for an unspecified amount) – except for any loss in
respect of any matters which are finally determined to have resulted from Ernst & Young’s negligent, wrongful or wilful acts or
omissions. No payment has been made to indemnify Ernst & Young during or since the financial year.
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