Wear Materials
At the core of the Fixed Plant business
are our wear resistant materials. Bradken
provides a material for almost every
application with our most popular product
offerings being Nihard, Duablock, Duaplate,
Rubber and Ceramic. We are continuously
refining our materials to maximise
performance and help our customers
achieve their performance goals.
Project Engineering
Our team of engineers can create new
designs or modify existing equipment for more
throughput, better wear life and safer, more
efficient maintenance. This can significantly
reduce our customers’ expenditure on wear
materials, reduce the frequency of shutdowns
and change-out times, decrease maintenance
downtime and costs and increase the overall
service life of their equipment.
Fabrication and Refurbishment
We have extensive experience in the fabrication
of steel structures, particularly transfer chutes
which can be manufactured using the clients
own designs or new designs developed by
Bradken. We also carry out refurbishment and
repair work on equipment such as Train Load
Outs, Transfer Chutes, Deflectors and Skips.
Wear Mapping
and Condition Monitoring
When high wear zones are identified, our engineers
carry out on-site wear inspections to determine the
cause and develop solutions to eliminate or extend the
life of these areas. We have also developed Bradken
SmartLiner technology which can remotely monitor
individual liners and alert the user when change-outs
are required. Laser scanning of equipment can also
be carried out to create three-dimensional historical
wear maps.
3D Scanning Technology
Where original drawings are not available, our
design team can inspect and measure our
customers’ equipment using a combination of
traditional methods and the latest 3D scanning
technology. A 3D model is then created along
with detailed manufacturing drawings to allow
the equipment to be duplicated in the future.
Scan here to
view the Bradken
SmartLiner video!
Helping our customers reduce wear and use less of
our products may sound counter-intuitive, but doing
just that has enabled Bradken’s Fixed Plant Division
to build strong relationships and gain the trust and
confidence of its customers, which has ultimately led
to increased sales and greater customer satisfaction.
Once simply a supplier of wear resistant materials, the
Fixed Plant business has evolved into a complete solution
based service provider covering all aspects of mining fixed
plant equipment including inspection, analysis, design,
fabrication and project management.
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