Advanced Software
The Fixed Plant engineering team uses a
number of techniques to ensure designs
match our customers’ expectations.
These include proprietary programs
developed in house and the latest Discrete
Element Modelling (DEM) and Finite
Element Analysis (FEA) technology. These
techniques, combined with extensive
on-site experience and wear material
knowledge are used to create solutions that
may not be available anywhere else.
On-site Services
and Technical Support
Our team conducts regular site inspections to
address first hand any issues that customers
may be having with equipment or wear
materials and can provide solutions or advice
to rectify the situation either by changing the
materials or making changes to the equipment
itself. We also carry out on-site services
including liner installation, repair work and
project management.
TS914 Transfer Chute
Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)
Herb Elliott Port facility
Western Australia
Located in the iron ore rich Pilbara region of Western
Australia, FMG is the world’s fourth largest iron ore
producer. The site was experiencing major iron ore
spillage issues with several conveyors, resulting in a loss
of production time and increased costs associated with
the spillage clean-up.
Following a series of site inspections, Bradken engineers
determined that the spillage was due to flaws in the
existing chute design. By simulating the existing design
using DEM, the team was able to design a new transfer
chute that would eliminate the spillage.
The new Bradken transfer chute design was also
standardised so that it could be used in multiple locations
on the customer’s site and was fitted with Bradken’s
SmartLiner system to remotely monitor the wear life of
the chute in real time.
The new chute was successfully installed in September
2014. After more than 16 weeks in service, the TS914
chute was removed during a scheduled shutdown in
January 2015. Physical inspecion showed that while in
service the Bradken designed chute had experienced
significantly less spillage than other non-Bradken chutes
on the transfer station.
Data collected from the SmartLiner system is now
assisting Bradken’s engineers to work with the site to
further increase the wear life of the new chute liners, to
achieve additional production improvements.
< The Bradken designed
TS914 Transfer Chute
^ Bradken Design Engineer Joe Duffy on site at
Herb Elliott Port for the TS914 installation
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