Bradken’s end market continues to be
impacted by the slowdown in mining activity,
driven by the decline in commodity process,
which has dampened demand for capital
equipment. As a Group we have responded to this
by putting in place a number of initiatives that provide
a platform to deal with the current sector outlook and
consolidate our position as a leading global supplier.
The Company’s former Transport & Industrial
Products, Ground Engaging Tools and Crawler
Systems businesses, which use common
manufacturing facilities, have been restructured into a single
Mining & Transport Division which is of a similar size to both the
Mineral Processing and Engineered Products Divisions.
The recently completed Redeemable Convertible Preference
Shares investment by Sigdo Koppers and CHAMP Private Equity
will return an appropriate level of balance sheet flexibility for
Management to continue to restructure the business. The
Company has also been approached regarding a possible merger,
the strategic and financial merits of which will be thoroughly
investigated before a determination is made by the Board.
Despite the challenges that this extended period of difficulty has
brought about, we are in a position now where we own all of our
own technology and intellectual property for all of our product
ranges (be they mill liners, crawler shoes or ground engaging
tools) and are able to distribute them directly to our global end
markets, which as restructuring draws towards an end in
1HFY16, see us poised to take advantage of any market upside.
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO
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CAST METAL SERVICES made its international trade show debut at the 13th
China International Foundry Expo as part of Metal + Metallurgy China, which is
regarded as Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest expo in the metal and
metallurgical industry.
The four day exhibition attracted in excess of 61,000 visitors and hosted
1,026 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions. With an emphasis placed on
international exhibitors this year’s event was an opportunity for Cast Metal
Services to declare themselves as a player in the Asian foundry supply market,
to promote the Cast Metal Services brand and product range, to identify other
key players and to engage with potential customers.
Cast Metal Services’ stand (manned by You Jiang, Yixing Wan, Yu Wei and
John Shannon) generated a lot of interest with the majority of enquiries
relating to dry refractory products and pre-cast shapes. Connections made
during the event lead to Cast Metal Services’ staff being invited to visit several
Chinese foundries to offer technical advice and promote the Business’ products.
Looking forward, the Business will continue to develop new customer
relationships with the aim of understanding their needs and developing suitable
products to meet their specific requirements.
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