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RADKEN’S Launceston foundry in
Tasmania, Australia has been casting
chain product for dragline mining
customers for close to 20 years.
The site manufactures both Hoist and Drag chains in various designs,
lengths and sizes (including 3, 4, 5 and 5.5 inch models), and over
the last 12 months has experienced a significant increase in output
volumes for these products driven by demand for Bradken’s
Harmonise range of dragline rigging gear
including increased sales into North America.
Until recently, operators at the site
produced chain moulds using core irons
with a lifting bow needed to strip, rotate
and close the moulds.
As a safety and efficiency initiative, a
proposal was lodged and approved in
December 2014 for the purchase of a
mould manipulator to replace the use of
core irons and provide a secure mechanical
means of rotating the moulds eliminating
the risk of operator injury through manual
handling of the mould halves.
Installed in late February 2015, the new
Omega E1000R Manipulator demonstrated
immediate results. Safety performance
was significantly improved with the
manipulator providing safer handling
through secure clamping, the ability to
automatically rotate the mould halves
and allowing the operator to stand
further away from the load during the
assembly process.
Chris Smart,
Manufacturing Manager
of the Launceston foundry
said he was very pleased
with the outcomes of the project.
“Not only has the manipulator improved the safety
of this operation, it has also improved efficiency
and increased the number of chains able to be
moulded each week,” Chris said.
“The site no longer needs to fabricate, inspect and
repair mould irons, which equates to a cost saving
of approximately $38,000 annually.
There is also now no need for operators to
handle, store and transport the mould irons to the
production area and no need to recover them during
knockout, which has eliminated a manual handling
task, further reducing the risk of injury.”
Previous method using
mould irons and a lifting bow
The Omega E1000R Manipulator
provides secure clamping of
mould halves.
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