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2015 has been a particularly difficult year as
we continue to downsize the business to
match the market decline. The Mining capital
market which peaked in 2012 is nearing to
bottom with only a small amount of new work
available for mining OEM’s or Rail Freight Cars.
Operationally, we have significantly adjusted our
manufacturing foot print and supported areas. I
would like to thank people for their diligent efforts
and unwavering support for our company. This is a
period that Bradken will survive and its people will
continue to provide innovative value creating products for our
mining customers.
Change has affected all areas, with our successful founding
Chairman, Mr. Greiner, retiring after 11 years. Now we look
forward to Mr Phil Arnall’s Chairmanship to bring forward
changes as we adapt to the new environment.
While cost cutting has been a core activity in recent times we
must now diligently turn our attention to serving our customer
and winning increasing amounts of the available work.
We have a strong set of tools with excellent products, large
markets to approach globally as well as world class
manufacturing capacity, all created while the market was
I would like to wish all employees best wishes for a happy and
safe festive season and a more prosperous New Year.
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO
This edition was brought to you with contributions from:
Mineral Processing – Hugo Carvajal
Mining & Transport – Nik Dissange/Luke Lawry/Gareth McMaster/Gordon Dick
Engineered Products – Wolf Reimann/Allison Adam/Glenn Rhoades
Writer/Editor: Erin Evans
Designer: Ben Pickles
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In September 2015, Bradken’s Commercial Manager Mining & Transport
Guiying ‘Kitty’ Marriott was awarded the prestigious ‘Honorary Labor Medal’ by
the Jiangsu Provincial Government for outstanding contributions in the field of
economic development. During 2014 Bradken’s Xuzhou based business became
the largest WOFE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) in the Jiangsu Province
using Chinese RMB as a trading currency for importing and exporting.
Kitty was presented the award by Chairman Wang of the Xuzhou Economic
Development Zone at a ceremony held in Xuzhou, China.
In accepting the honour, Kitty said “It is a great honour to receive this award.
This award is not only for me, it is also for all Bradken Xuzhou employees. I
am very proud to receive this award on behalf of Bradken.” Kitty donated the
monetary component of the award to the local Xuzhou Worker Union.
Kitty is the second Bradken employee to be presented with this esteemed
award, joining Andrew Allen who was presented with the same honour in 2013.
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Kitty Marriott with Chairman Wang and members of Bradken’s
Xuzhou team at the presentation ceremony.
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