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Bradken has secured a US$26.3 million contract to design and
manufacture truck subassemblies for use on the Red and Orange
Lines of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA)
Boston Area Subway System.
Engineered Products
Division has been involved with the
railway since as early as the 1870s.
In the 1920s the Division’s facility in
Atchison, Kansas began supplying
large cast steel truck frames to the
locomotive engines.
Fast forward almost a century and
the Division has established itself
as a leader in the design and
manufacture of railway trucks to the
North American transit market
combining manufacturing expertise
and design engineering support in a
‘True to the Customer/Supplier’
team approach that employs
continuous improvement programs
to generate product enhancement
and cost saving opportunities for a
wide range of customers.
An example of this approach came
with the recent award of a multi-
Changchun Railway Vehicles Co.,
Ltd in China and their US entity in
Boston CNR MA Corporation (CNR)
to supply 568 truck subassemblies
for use in the manufacture of 284
new subway cars for the MBTA.
In October 2014 the Board of the
Massachusetts Department of
Transportation awarded CNR the
contract to build replacement cars
for the aging Orange and Red Line
fleets. 152 new cars will replace the
entire current 32-year old Orange
Line fleet which have an average of
1.5 million miles (2.4 million kms) on
them. The remaining 132 cars will
replace the current fleet of “No. 1”
Red Line cars which at 44-years old
have racked up an average of 2.3
million miles (3.7 million kms).
Bradken’s work on this project
began in April 2014 providing
technical proposals for a new truck
frame and bolster design. After a
thorough assessment of other
capable North American truck
suppliers CNR selected Bradken as
the strongest partner for the supply
of the subassemblies owing to our
ability to innovate and improve on
existing ‘service proven’ designs to
produce a truck that will meet the
requirements for MBTA heavy rail
The Bradken castings form the
structural members of the motorised
assemblies that power these
vehicles. As the new cars have been
designed to carry additional
passengers, the truck design will be
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,...20
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