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Work Shop Manager
Darren Frazer attributes the
achievement to the facility’s
highly trained workforce, who
have been totally engaged in
safety awareness, underpinned
by Bradken’s company-wide
21 Step Safety Plan.
“The fact that we operate in the
heavy manufacturing sector
means our people have to be
involved in all aspects of safe
working practices - at our own
facility, where we fabricate and
refurbish mining equipment
around the clock, seven days a
week, and on customers’ mine
sites, where we provide field
support and an emergency call
out service,” said Darren.
Achieving the milestone of five
years LTI free has certainly
not compromised the facility’s
productivity. “Over that time
Muswellbrook has refurbished
large numbers of truck trays,
manufactured or repaired many
mining buckets and undertaken
repairs on a wide range of other
mining equipment,” he said.
“We are justifiably proud of
achieving such an important
milestone and look forward to
keeping our safety slate clean
well into the future,”
said Darren.
A celebratory barbecue marked the Muswellbrook facility’s achievement of
a significant safety milestone in September – the excellent achievement of
reaching five years without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).
5 years
LTI free
Executive General
Manager Enda Sheridan,
accompanied by Darren
Frazer, Muswellbrook
Workshop Manager and
Jason Pawley, the site
OHS representative who
has been key to building
the strong safety culture,
presents Trevor Nicholson
with his commemorative
belt buckle marking 5
years LTI free, with Region
Manager Darryl Pyne
looking on.
Members of the Muswellbrook team.