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into Poland
The Power and Cement division has been tackling the
challenges of preparing coal ready for combustion.
Modern coal fired, steam-generating power
stations have an optimal coal particle size of 75µm
(0.075mm) or less. This is achieved through specially
designed pulverizing mills, which reduce and classify
coal particles from 10mm+, down to 75µm at a rate
of up to 40 tonnes per hour.
But Slawek did have a
strong message for potential
customers – the Bradken
product has twice the wear
life of the Polish product,
with up to a 50% reduction
in scheduled maintenance
downtime, largely thanks to its
high chrome iron composition,
which is more durable than the
traditional steel product.
Successful trials at Krakow
and Wroclaw power stations
have proven our claims, with
wear life estimated at 20,000
hours, compared to 8,000 to
10,000 hours for the previous
product. As a result, all eight
mills at Wroclaw now have
Bradken product, and we have
further trials at other Polish
power stations.
The Polish story continues.
With the objective of
continuous customer value
add the Power and Cement
Division has designed its
first ‘rotating throat’. To
ensure a high consistency of
small particle size entering
the combustion zone, after
grinding all coal is classified
through an air classification
system. Oversize particles are
sent back for further grinding,
and undersize particles are
sent on to the combustion
zone. The throat apparatus
captures the coal after leaving
the grinding zone, trapping
it in an airflow, ready to be
classified. Our objective was
to design a rotating throat that
will be easy to install and able
to match the extended wear
life offered by the Bradken
grinding components.
Our first rotating throat was
installed in Poland in July,
successfully meeting our
installation objectives.
Stay tuned for a product
update in future editions.
Bradken has been successfully
supplying the wear
consumables for these mills
into many countries for over
a decade. In 2008 we took
this value added product into
the biggest market in Europe,
Slawek Slomian, the Power
and Cement Regional Sales
Manager in Poland, has been
working hard to secure trials
at several power stations.
It was always going to be a
difficult task, given we have
no track record in Poland and
the price of Bradken’s value
added product is significantly
more than the local offering.
Mark Wild (right) and Steve Wadsworth (centre) inspect a Bradken
coal grinding mill product installation in Poland.
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