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Bradken recently acquired
Almac Machine Works
based in Edmonton,
Alberta. Managed through
the Resources business,
Edmonton employs
around 220 people in the
design and manufacture
of machinery, parts and
assemblies for various
industries throughout
Western Canada,
including oil sands, mining,
conventional oil and gas and
pulp and paper markets.
Edmonton acquisition opens Canadian
oil sands industry to Bradken
Machining and fabrication,
field services and mechanical
repair make up the balance of
Edmonton’s business.
This acquisition fits neatly into
Bradken’s strategy of building
a substantial presence in the
world’s major mining regions.
With Edmonton being the
primary support hub for the
oil sands, coal and hard rock
markets of Western Canada,
the facility will provide a solid
base from which we can
sell, warehouse and support
Bradken consumable products.
As hydraulic and electric
shovels and draglines dominate
mining operations in the
region, it is a good location for
servicing the already substantial
market for Crawler Systems
and Wear Plate & Block, as well
as building our sales of other
wear parts such as for both
fixed and mobile plant.
With the Edmonton operation
providing additional scale and
the foundation for growth,
Bradken’s foray into the
Americas mining market looks
very bright.
Bradken utilises the most advanced and efficient pipe overlay machines, producing an
industry leading edge product.
Patented technology, combined with custom designed chromium carbide overlay wire,
results in a smooth, low turbulence surface that increases the life of the product.
Around 60% of business is in
the manufacture and supply of
high specification chromium
carbide overlay piping systems
to the oil sands industry, much
of which utilises the business’s
own developed and patented
processes. These piping
systems are used in high wear
areas of hydro-transport lines
that transfer highly abrasive
bitumen slurry under high
pressure within the mines’ fixed
processing facilities and tailings
lines, and from there to upgrade
facilities for further refining.
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Regional PROFILE
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO