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Bradken’s Engineered
Products Division has been
‘working on the railroad’ since
way back in 1872. In the
1920s our Atchison facility
began supplying large cast
steel truck frames. Today they
provide manufacturing and
design engineering support
for the Locomotive and
Transit markets.
Our “True to the Customer/
Supplier – Team Approach”
employs continuous
improvement programs
to generate product
enhancement and cost saving
An excellent example of the
effectiveness of the team
approach is our 10 year plus
relationship with MotivePower.
MotivePower is a North
American industry leader in
design, manufacture and
re-manufacture of diesel-
electric passenger
locomotives. Their focus is on
enhanced crew safety features,
lower emissions, improved
reliability and maintainability.
“MotivePower asked Bradken
to bid on their MP1114 Bogie
project, to help
them meet the
industry challenge
of achieving
higher speeds,”
said Dennis Anderson,
Bradken – National Account
Manager. “Our bid included
3D modelling, 2D drawing
development and a strong
focus on the manufacture of
light weight cast bogies.”
Successful development of a
suitable bogie for high-speed
commuter locomotives will put
MotivePower and Bradken
well ahead of the competition
over the next several years.
The timing is very significant,
given the funding support
provided by the United States
Government through the
Passenger Rail Investment and
Improvement Act 2008.
As our customers move
into new markets, Bradken
works with them to
establish appropriate supply
arrangements. “We are talking
to MotivePower at present
about capitalising on the
convenience of Bradken’s
Powering Along
facilities as
they expand
into developing
markets,” said Dennis
Members of Bradken’s
Engineered Product’s
Industrial team are very
active participants in the
North American rail industry,
sitting on committees and
associations that provide input
for design specifications, with
the goal of becoming a supply
leader in North America and
the rest of the globe. The
experience and expertise
gained from producing lighter,
thinner walled castings
will further position us as a
differentiated supplier to the
Rail and Transit markets.
Designed for speed:
3D model of the bolster-less
Bradken 5650 Locomotive Truck