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Bradken’s Business Model; “The creation of differentiated consumable products for
the resources industry and sale of their value to our customers”, what does it mean?
What is differentiation? Where does it come from and how does it help?
The Act of Innovation;
A room full of good ideas, is
just a room. Unless we do
something, we have gained
nothing. Here is the catch,
as soon as we do something
different we are exposed to
risk. Risk is exposure to the
chance of loss. This could
be the chance of negative
feedback from peers,
commercial failure, loss of
good will or respect from
customers and co-workers.
Most people by nature are
sensitive to risk. If the risk is
too high, or the ramifications
of failure too large, we will
not be innovative, we will not
make changes, and we will
not add differentiation. It is
the organisational and social
culture which dictates the
company’s ability to implement
innovation, accept risk, and
add differentiation.
Bradken does offer value
through differentiation;
Understanding what our
customers want and making
changes to meet those needs
has proven a very powerful tool
in the development of world class
Bradken product lines such as
Mineral Processing Mill Liners,
Crawler Systems Shoes and
Undercarriage components
and Wear Plate and Block
products, just to name a few.
What’s next;
there is a lot
of innovation going on within
Bradken. Sales and technical
teams are always on the
lookout for customer needs
which are not being met, our
world leading design teams
are focussed on developing
the next generation of
product lines based on Voice
of Customer input and our
design and manufacturing
teams are looking at ways to
push the limits of product and
production safety, productivity
and performance.
It all starts with the notion
that we can make a difference,
and a culture which allows it
to happen.
It doesn’t just
happen, it isn’t dug out of the
ground, and in most cases it
doesn’t come with a light-bulb
moment, it’s something much
more fundamental. It’s a way
of thinking, it’s in our culture.
Adding differentiation is seeing
an opportunity to make a
change which will be valued
by other people and taking the
risk to do something different.
Voice of the Customer (VoC);
It all starts with knowing what
our customers value. Be it
our sales team knowing what
makes a dragline bucket work
most effectively, or our melting
shop operators delivering
clean steel to the after-cast
team. If we know the
“valued needs” of our
customers, and are
innovative by nature,
we will think of
ways to make our
service or product
more valued.