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The cornerstones of
Bradken’s business
success now and into
the future include
supplying castings to
meet customers’ quality
requirements and
delivery expectations
and maintaining our
ability to achieve product
differentiation. Building
our knowledge capital
and enabling our people
to achieve their full
potential are part and
parcel of supporting
these activities.
Bradken’s CEO program,
introduced a few years ago,
has provided many people the
opportunity to further their skills.
Over recent years, we have
observed the progressive
closure of many of the
metallurgical institutions that
support our industry. Thanks
to the efforts of a number
of Bradken people, notably
Michael Wright, Greg Newton
and John Saad, we have
partnered with the Australian
Foundry Institute to develop a
Diploma of Metallurgy course.
This course provides the
opportunity for trade qualified
people to achieve formal
qualifications and thereby
help them move forward to
the next stage of their careers.
At present several Bradken
employees are enrolled in
the course.
Wayne Herbertson, General Manger Human Resources, presents
Andrew McKillop, a 2nd Year materials engineering student at
Wollongong University, with a Bradken Scholarship.
As well we have been working
with Wollongong University to
develop a Metallurgical degree
more relevant to foundry-based
organisations. The result is
a foundry elective subject
being developed with the
University and Skilltech TAFE
in Queensland and available
to students for the first time
this year.
In other programs, the
Bradken Scholarship for
Materials Engineers is in its
third year in Australia, with six
undergraduates now being
sponsored at Wollongong
University. We have also started
our first four undergraduates
in China through a partnership
with Luoyang University and
Bradken continues to train
mechanical engineers through
Newcastle University.
To build the level of education
and skills our future employees
will need to help the company
achieve sustainable business
success, Bradken’s ongoing
involvement with these
institutions is essential.
For more information about
Bradken’s development
programs visit the HR
section on our intranet page.
The scholarship holders for 2010 at Luoyang University China are:
(L-R): Li Ruiwu, Wu Xuping, Zhang Jingli, Huang Kebao