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True to the foundry’s rail
heritage, a substantial part of
Atchison’s business consists
of various locomotive and
transit undercarriages (truck/
bogie assemblies). You will
find Bradken manufactured
locomotives in a number of
countries around the world,
including Australia, Canada,
Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Algeria,
Mauritania, Tunisia, Egypt,
Turkey, Kenya, Saudi Arabia,
United Kingdom, Germany,
South Korea, Indonesia
and India.
The latest technology is
deployed at Atchison, including
powerful solidification
modelling to prove cast
ability and guidance for the
sampling process. These
solid models and CAD files
are used to produce precise
CNC machined patterns in the
foundry’s pattern shop.
Approximately one third of the
business is the manufacture
of castings for the mining
and construction markets.
Shown here are parts for
large mining trucks.
The foundry has recently
commenced a development
project with the aim of
producing a range of different
sized Bradken crawler
shoes. To manage this work
a new state-of-the-art water
quenching facility has been
constructed. Planning is
now underway to change
the current riser removal
process, which involves
cutting torch and arc air, to
using manipulators for the
entire knocking off process.
Atchison is certainly moving
with the times and working
hard towards continuously
improving its practices.
Since joining the Bradken
family, the Engineered
Products Division has reduced
recordable injuries by 40%, a
remarkable team achievement.
As with all Bradken facilities
around the world, Atchison is
bound by the 21 Step Safety
Plan. Now in its second year
of implementation, Atchison
has achieved a number of
major safety improvements.
Locomotive Undercarriage
Truck Axle Housing Model