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Ongoing monitoring
enables customers
to make informed
decisions about
optimum timing for
equipment maintenance
or replacement.
For example, regular wear
monitoring gives customers
information about when to
schedule a bucket overhaul
to save on more extensive
and costly repairs.
It means we can fit lighter-
weight wear packages, which
are more productive and cost
effective. Customers value
this service, recognising that
comprehensive monitoring,
together with regular
maintenance and refurbishing,
extends the life of the
equipment, thereby boosting
machine availability, which
in turn reduces costs and
increases productivity.
Our recycling service is
also proving popular with
customers – a win-win for
both parties. We remove
from the customer the
responsibility and cost of
appropriate waste disposal
and we get convenient
access to scrap metal to
feed our foundries.
These four centres now have
a total of 70 skilled workshop
employees and 30 field service
staff, looking after 23 customers.
Currently, the open-cut mining
sector accounts for most of
the business. The workshops
undertake repair and
refurbishment of mining
buckets, excavator components,
crawler shoes, dump truck
bodies and other parts.
We also have promising
prospects with underground
operators. Orange is leading the
charge, with a number of mining
companies potentially interested
in Bradken’s monitoring service
for bogger buckets.
Monitoring programs are a
key component in Bradken’s
‘cradle to grave’ customer
solutions cycle.
The cycle moves through:
needs identification
solution design
manufacture of the resulting
product installation
repair and refurbishment
reclamation and recycling.
A strong team
approach is a
feature of Bradken’s
Every week people
representing Mining Services,
GET, Metal Recycling and
Safety come together to
review activities, discuss
potential opportunities, pass
on market intelligence and
customer information. The
‘right hand’ not only knows
what the ‘left hand’ is doing,
but also actively helps.
With the one-stop-shop
customer service model now
well established and proving
itself day in and day out in
NSW, we may soon start to
see the concept rolled out
in Bradken’s regional
workshops in Mackay and
Mt Isa in Queensland as
well as Bassendean in
Western Australia.
It just makes sense.
Locate a workshop close
to customers’ mining
operations. Staff it with
highly skilled trade
people and dedicated
field service staff. Equip
them with the facilities,
resources and specialised
equipment to provide a
comprehensive range
of services. And run it
around the clock.
Bradken’s one-stop-shop
approach is now well
established in the Hunter Valley
coal mining region of NSW,
Australia, with workshops at
Singleton and Muswellbrook
currently operating near
capacity workload.
Field service staff at both these
sites and at Gunnedah to the
north put monitoring programs
in place and work closely
with customers to design and
implement site specific solutions
to wear challenges. Further to
the west, our Orange facility is
also building its reputation with
customers, in both workshop
and field.