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Jim and his family have packed
their bags and relocated to
Balikpapan in order for Jim
to take up the role of RSM
in Indonesia. He now joins
Bill Duffy and Erwin Chairuman
(both Jakarta-based) as our
local representation in this
significant and rapidly
developing market.
Sales and Marketing Manager
– Crawler Systems Fraser
Batts said Jim came to the
position from Industrial,
bringing with him a wealth
of experience of the region,
as well as his fluency in the
native language, Bahasa.
“Jim will primarily be tasked
with creating a beachhead in
Balikpapan, establishing a
warehouse, and building a
sales team around him for
servicing the mining regions
of East Kalimantan and
Sulawesi,” Fraser said.
“He will also look to identify
and develop opportunities
in the region for wider
Bradken interests.”
– Balikpapan has a tropical rainforest climate. The city sees on
average just under 2,800mm of rain a year. Balikpapan generally shows little
variation in weather throughout the course of the year, with no significant
wetter or drier periods. The temperature is almost the same throughout the
course of the year, averaging roughly 27 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity.
– Where ever possible the majority of expats live in compounds.
The main reason for this is the unreliability of the state owned power
generation company to provide continuity of supply. It is not uncommon
to experience multiple lengthy blackouts, especially on weekends. Once
the power is interrupted the mains water supply also fails as it is delivered
by pumps. Compounds generally have back-up diesel gensets. Also the
compounds have security guards to reduce the incidence of theft and to
inspect vehicles on arrival for possible explosive devices.
The mains water is not fit for consumption, which poses issues with cooking
and brushing your teeth. Bottled water is used for all drinking and cooking
to reduce the risk of picking up an exotic disease.
There are a number of international schools in Balikpapan. The Australian
International School is located at the entrance to the Batakan Housing
Complex and has just enrolled its 100th student. Established only two
years ago it has classes from pre-school to year 9 with class numbers
around 12 kids per class. Each class has an Australian teacher and an
Indonesian teachers aid.
KPC Mine Indonesia Method of Coal Transportation.