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The proven track record
of the team already on the
ground at the manufacturing
facility in China meant the
Board was able to give the
project the go-ahead with
complete confidence.
Rail Division General Manager
Andrew Allen said the team’s
success to date was possible
thanks to its commitment to the
Bradken culture and values,
combined with the skill and
dedication of its members.
“Seeing what the team had
already achieved at Xuzhou,
and knowing it had the
support of the local Chinese
It’s full steam ahead
for the Xuzhou foundry,
with the Bradken
Board recently
approving capital for
the next two stages
of what will be the
company’s largest
construction project
in its 90-year history.
government, gave the Board
the assurance it needed to
green light the largest
capital project award in
Bradken’s history.”
Clearing and rough levelling
of the ground is underway,
with the first of 10,000 cubic
metres of concrete set to be
poured in June. Building is
scheduled for September
and equipment installation
shortly after.
Bradken is committed to
completing our first melt in
2011, with an aim of producing
100 tonnes per week by
June 2012.
Crawler Systems Business
General Manager Tony Van
Zeyl said the new foundry in
Xuzhou would ensure security
of supply for Bradken’s global
operations in the years ahead.
“The foundry will make it
possible for us to capitalise
on global mining growth
predictions and supply the
world markets with Crawler
Shoes and Ground Engaging
Tools (GET),” Tony said.
The main management
positions at Xuzhou have
now been filled, with Foundry
Manager LiChaoGang
reporting to Minyuan Lu
as the Bradken Xuzhou
General Manager.
Capex approval
gives green light
for Xuzhou foundry