Page 7 - GlobalEyes Edition 3 Jun 2011

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Beforecast Manager
Zhihua Wang
Methods Engineers
Lei Yu Wang
Xiaolong Li
Foundry Manager
Li ChaoGang
Plant Accountant
Pei Jia
Aftercast Manager
Sean Wang
Melting Manager
Qiao Wei
Technical Manager
Ren Gou
The foundry will be finished
in two stages.
The end result will essentially
be two foundries housed in
the one building:
Tony said Xuzhou employees
had spent time in Australia and
the US familiarising themselves
with the products and relevant
processes and procedures.
“A pool of mentors and
experienced Bradken foundry
employees will work with the
newly appointed Xuzhou
foundry management team
in the installation and
commissioning phase to
ensure a smooth production
start-up,” he said.
“Drawing from the depth and
experience of Bradken staff
globally will assist the Xuzhou
facility in becoming a world
class facility to aspire to.”
The Board sees
Xuzhou as a very exciting
project that will ensure
adequate capacity and the
right cost base to provide
security of supply for our
global expansion.
a GET foundry with eight-
tonne EAF and AOD
a crawler shoe foundry with
20-tonne EAF and AOD.
“The Xuzhou foundry will
complement Bradken’s
existing foundries to support
the globalisation of all of our
product lines,” Tony said.
An artist impression of Xuzhou Foundry as seen from above.