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Over the past year,
the Wear Plate
and Block
business has
moved its focus
from product-
based to market-
based activities.
This has brought about
fundamental changes in how
we relate to our customer
base through the
implementation of the DRIVE™
philosophy. It has also
culminated in Bradken being
awarded a substantial
installation project as well as
being invited by a number of
mine sites to be contractually
involved in establishing wear
monitoring, servicing, and
shutdown management
programs. These changes
have provided both domestic
and global market growth
As a result, the name ‘Wear
Plate and Block’ no longer
fully represents the business
philosophy or product range
and so its name has been
changed to ‘Fixed Plant’.
The DRIVE philosophy
enables Bradken to provide
a full consultative service to
our customers.
To further complement this
offering, Bradken recently
acquired Wear Protect
Systems (WPS) and two
of the Western Australian
company’s associated
businesses in June 2011. This
acquisition marks an important
milestone, enabling us to
gather world-class products
and boost our global growth.
Bringing the well-established
ceramic liner business into our
fold complements our existing
range of wear liner products
and sharpens our focus on
understanding, developing and
servicing wear solutions to the
fixed plant hard rock mines.
Our acquisition of the WPS
ceramic liner business will
enable Bradken to introduce
a well-established and quality
product to further enhance
this focus and ensure that we
continue to provide the market
with the full range of products
to meet their requirements.
Fixed Plant will sell a range of
products, including ceramic
wear liners Urotile
, Urocube
and Uromite
, along with a
range of wear resistant
adhesives and epoxies to
complement the ceramic
wear liners.
Bradken’s Duaceramic liner
will be rebranded as Urohex™
ensuring consistency between
our product ranges.