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such as sales representatives
working on customers’ sites
and travelling the often-
challenging roads in the
region, as well as office,
warehousing and
workshop activities.
Mackay’s Regional Manager
Adam Johnstone said
operating a safe workplace
required more than just
good systems.
“Having a safety culture is a real
asset for Bradken,” he said.
“Our goal is to implant safety
into Bradken’s DNA so
everything we do is
automatically best and
safest practice.”
“Instead of trying to find a
balance or compromise
between safety on the one
hand and production or
process on the other, we want
safety to be an integral part of
all our work processes.”
“It’s a bit like producing an
alloy by combining the right
balance of safety, quality,
environmental concern,
delivery on time and a ‘do it
once, do it right’ philosophy
into all our processes, to
create products and services
which permanently integrate
all those essential elements.”
This ‘safety as integral to
culture’ approach has its
foundation in the
comprehensive Bradken
21 Step Safety Plan and
encourages each employee,
as an individual as well as
a team member, to think
through how every task
can be done safely.
“We’re seeing some excellent
results from this approach,”
Adam said.
“Four years LTI-free in a
heavy industrial environment
is certainly gratifying.
There have also been
improvements in quality
and environment outcomes.”
“I’m also very pleased to report
Bradken is developing a strong
reputation for safety around
town (Mackay). In fact, we’ve
had former employees return to
us on the basis of our safety
record,” he said.
Adam said there was
still work to be done to
consolidate the safety culture
and make it all-encompassing.
“We’re currently reviewing
jobs and using the Job Safety
Analysis as an effective work
instruction, training and safety
assessment tool,” he said.
Congratulations Mackay -
Four years LTI free!
Bradken’s Mackay
manufacturing facility in the
Bowen Basin of Queensland
recently marked the significant
achievement of four years
without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).
This is a gratifying
accomplishment for the facility,
which services the coalfields
in the Bowen Basin,
manufacturing and refurbishing
a range of excavator and
dragline buckets, as well as
mining components including
the largest dragline bucket
used in Australia.
The achievement takes
into account all activities
conducted from the facility,