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globalEyES / Edition 5
In our last
we took
a closer look
at Steps 10,
11 and 12 of
the Bradken
21Steps to
Safety process.
This month’s
issue shines
the spotlight
on Steps 13,
14and 15
from our
Runcorn facility.
Step 13
Safety Recruitment
Induction and
Ensure all new Bradken
employees, contractors and
visitors are made aware of
the hazards, risks and control
measures employed in their
expected area of work or
visitation prior to entry.
Because we take our duty
of care to employees,
contractors and visitors very
seriously, everyone coming
onto a Bradken facility is
made aware of any hazards
that might be found on site.
When a new employee joins
the Company, a key part of
their induction and assimilation
program is safety awareness.
saFETy sTEps
13,14 &15
Step 14
Goals and Objectives
Ensure a planned, systematic,
measurable and achievable
methodology for managing
continuous improvement in
HSE is in place within Bradken.
“If it’s measured, it’s done”
is a tried and true management
motto. When it comes to
safe practices, Bradken has
implemented measurable OHS
performance indicators, based
on the Safety Process.
Our performance against the
indicators is measured on both
outcomes and inputs. In the
context of outcomes, we test
the system and its operational
performance; for example,
we measure the injury rate.
When it comes to inputs,
we pay close attention to the
checks and balances that go
into implementing the system.
For example, we look at the
number of audits performed,
the number of inspections
conducted or the percentage
of job descriptions made to
include OHS requirements.
All new employees undergo
a full medical, which includes
drug and alcohol testing to
ensure they are fit for work.
New employees are made aware
of site hazards, environmental
concerns and safety rules at site
induction training prior to starting
work. This important training lets
new employees know that
Bradken is serious about safety
and is committed to preventing
incidents by educating employees
right from the start. We also
have an induction program for
Contractors and a visitor
safety sheet.
Site induction is followed by area-
specific training to introduce the
new employee to the workplace
and to the specific hazards and
safety rules that apply in that area.
Training packs are prepared
depending on the tasks they
are going to be trained for.
Most work instructions come
with an assessment sheet to
ensure understanding of the
training received, although some
training is awareness only.
The new employee starts work
with a “buddy” to provide
guidance and advice in the first
weeks of work when an incident
is most likely to occur – this is
direct supervision. When the
Employee is deemed to be
competent and able to perform
the task safely, the Buddy
provides indirect supervision.
Some of the task assessments
are carried out after the
employee is deemed to be
competent after completing the
job for the qualifying period.