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This edition was brought to you with contributions from:
Rail – Barry Dawber
Harmonise – Tim McGilchrist
Environment – Greg Chaplin
Engineered Products – Wayne Braun
Safety 21 Steps – Chris Reid
Fixed Plant – Cathy Hewett
Energy – Dave Caldwell
Manufacturing – Gabrielle Sumner
Technology – Warren Heselwood
Maryanne Church – Enigma
Erin Evans – Bradken
Michelle Fragar
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Harmonise™ is a trademark of Bradken Resources Pty Limited.
At Bradken, this time of year finds management teams in all
businesses reviewing their strategic plans. This is a major
element of our business process and helps us keep our
businesses focused on their business models and alert to
changes in their specific environments.
Whilst we all strive to achieve the Bradken vision of “Proud to
Belong” and employ a common set of values in doing so, each
Bradken Business has a unique business model which is dedicated
to addressing a particular market and servicing its customers.
In this fast changing world a skilled business model is important
for survival and when properly executed allows for the alignment of
each of our work activities by establishing job goals. This increased
focus approach has led to the implementation of many successful
business improvements and growth strategies.
As the Company continues to grow, it is our people, management
and information systems which are becoming critical elements to
sustain our expansion. We need to increase our emphasis in these
areas so we can share in all the opportunities which are presenting
themselves globally.
In simple terms, we all need to focus on what we are good at and
within the Businesses, actively drive change and improvement.
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO
The Bradken Board is a body of elected and appointed
members that jointly supervises the activities of the
company and acts on behalf of our shareholders in
overseeing the affairs of the organisation.
The Board is the highest governing authority within
our management structure and is directly accountable
to our shareholders.
It is made up of a Non-executive Chairman, five Non-executive
Directors and an Executive Director, who is the Chief Executive
Officer (“CEO”) of the Company.
Bradken holds an Annual General Meeting at which our
directors provide a report to shareholders on the company’s
performance, as well as the Board’s strategies and plans for
the coming years.
Members of the Board must also submit themselves for
re-election to the Board on a rotational basis.
Bradken’s objectives are defined in the Constitution and
regulations are laid out in the Board Charter.
The Board’s principal purpose is to ensure Bradken’s
prosperity by collectively directing the Company’s affairs,
while meeting the interests of our shareholders and