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Investing in the education
and development of the
next generation of industry
professionals is a core value
for Bradken. Our success as a
global Company operating in a
number of different markets is
dependent on building teams
of people that are passionate,
highly skilled, dedicated and
motivated in their fields.
In line with this, Bradken has
participated in The University of
Newcastle Industry Scholarship
Scheme (UNISS) since 2005.
The program provides students
the opportunity to combine
study with meaningful industry
exposure and involvement,
giving them an enhanced
education experience and a ‘foot
in the door’ in an increasingly
competitive employment market.
Through the scheme students
receive an annual financial
contribution to assist them in their
studies together with a series of
work placements, where their time
is spent both at Head Office and
on site, culminating in a full time
placement with Bradken for the
final year of their scholarship.
Bradken is currently sponsoring
six students across three
disciplines; mechanical
engineering, chemical engineering
and commerce/accounting.
Three of Bradken’s sponsored
students were recognised
at this year’s annual Industry
Scholarship Industry Placement
awards dinner, held in September.
Second year mechanical
engineering students Josephine
Delore (Rail) and Nathan
Carter (Crawler Systems) were
presented with the Excellence
and Highly Commended
awards respectively.
Fourth year accounting/
commerce student Nik Kojic was
recognised as the first student
to be awarded a scholarship
in his industry field and was
asked to speak at the event
and relay his experiences.
In his speech Nik noted
his appreciation for the
opportunities provided to him
during his scholarship.
(Excerpt):“I feel so lucky to
have had the opportunity and
guidance from both my sponsor,
Bradken, and the Industry
Scholarship team. Also important
was having supervisors and
mentors who you consider as
role models that you can aspire
to become like in the future.
“With such a strong international
profile, and a welcome workplace
culture where I have always felt
a part of the organisation, I can
see a career path and bright
future with Bradken and I can’t
adequately express how much
this opportunity has meant.”
Throughout his program
Nik was mentored by Brad
Starrett Commercial Manager
of Bradken’s Australian
based Industrial Division.
“UNISS continues to be a very
worthwhile partnership between
the University and Bradken.
The experience we are able
to provide the scholarship
winners proves invaluable in
the important formative stages
of their careers” Brad said.
“As Nik has demonstrated,
if you apply yourself well in
both your studies and on the
job training, you can help the
business to deliver its goals
whilst gaining your qualifications;
a true win-win relationship”
Since completing his
studies Nik has taken up
a permanent position with
Bradken in the Rail Division.
Over the last six years Bradken
has sponsored a total of 10
students through this program. Of
four students to have completed
their degrees in this time, all
(including Nik) are now working
for Bradken in full-time roles.
Reece Attwood, Design
Engineer working with the
GET & Buckets business was
Bradken’s first graduate from
UNISS completing his degree
in 2008. Demonstrating the
benefit of his time with Bradken,
Reece went on to win the Young
Achiever Award at the 2010
Bradken Recognition Awards.
Bradken UNISS Scholars
Past and Present:
Reece Attwood – Graduated
2008, now Senior Design
Engineer with GET & Buckets
Joel Smith – Graduated 2009,
now Product Development
Engineer with Fixed Plant
James Armstrong –
Graduated 2010, now
Design Engineer with Rail
Adam Scriven – Graduated 2010,
now Design Engineer with Rail
Nik Kojic – 4th Year
student, working with Rail
Ben Wright – 3rd Year Chemical
Engineering student, working
with Greg Chaplin in the area
of Environmental Management
Declan Ford – 3rd Year
Mechanical Engineering student,
working with GET & Buckets
Josephine Delore – 2nd Year
Mechanical Engineering
student, working with Rail
Nathan Carter – 2nd Year
Mechanical Engineering student,
working with Crawler Systems
Sam Wiggins – 2nd Year
Mechanical Engineering
student, working with Rail
Left to right: Josephine Delore, Krystal Rees and Nathan Carter
4th year Commerce/Accounting student Nik Kojic giving his speech at the 2011 Industry
Scholarship Industry Placement awards dinner