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Change is inevitable and constant in the modern
business world. In recent times Bradken has
experienced an increased rate of change as
the Company continues to grow. In light of these
changes and with the expectation of more to
come, I have come to understand that it is the rate
of change and our response to it that needs to be
managed (as opposed to change in itself) in order
to protect us going forward. Let me explain…
Bradken’s growth has brought about change in
three major ways; the market for our products
has grown, our ‘value add’ to the customer has
grown (through product development, Capex and
vertical integration) and our geographical footprint
has grown through complementary acquisitions.
Every step in this growth brings change - what we need to
do is make sure that care is taken at each step to ensure
successful integration into our core operations.
What overwhelmingly achieves this for us is the strength of our culture.
We have invested heavily in the development of our Company culture.
The values that constitute this culture are values we acknowledge
and develop in our employees. While this is a constant area of focus
for Bradken, our management systems also play a crucial role.
Our management systems incorporate Human Resource systems,
Information Technology systems, Quality, Safety and Supply systems.
It is critical for these systems to be incorporated into our areas of growth.
Failing to do so puts extra work on management, overloads our people,
and reduces the level of quality and integrity of our information.
We need to focus on these systems, their implementation and
improvement, moving quickly to establish new teams to manage
them as part of our integration and growth strategy. This may require
additional resources and time but overall it is necessary to free our
existing Business for the next change, which will surely come.
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO
During September Bradken took part in
what has been labelled the largest ever
mining event to take place in Australia.
Held once every four years, Asia-Pacific’s
International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX)
this year played host to a record number
of over 600 domestic and international
exhibitors of mining technology,
equipment and services across more
than 45,000 square metres of the
Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic
Park in New SouthWales Australia.
Project Engineer Crawler Systems Andrew King (left) and
Regional Sales Manager Balikpapan Jim Ellison (right).