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National Sales & Marketing Manager for
the Fixed Plant business Brett Hainsworth
said that the Smart Liner system was a
major contributor in Bradken being
selected to supply wear liners to these
“By taking the technicians out of the
hoppers to do the thickness testing we
reduced the risk to their personal safety.
The reduction in time spent in the hopper
has also allowed the technician’s time
to be reallocated to other maintenance
“Another advantage was that our clients
were able to extend their periods
between maintenance shut downs by
having the knowledge of the remaining
liner thickness. This knowledge allowed
them to use the maximum wear thickness
whilst not risking damage to structural
components. The maintenance planners
found the Smart Liners gave them plenty
of time to plan for the liner change out
and gave Bradken maximum time to
manufacture and re-supply new liners.”
Using the DRIVE
(Discover, Review,
Implement, Verify, Engineer) concept,
where a continuous loop of improvement
is incorporated into customer interactions,
the Fixed Plant team are now trialling a
web based monitoring system, the ‘Gen
2 Smart Liner’ that will give customers
the ability to check and predict:
Live Data from sensors,
Wear Rates,
Wear Life predictions, and
Wear limit alerts,
all remotely via the internet.
Utopia for this system will be automatic
order generation at pre-determined wear
levels, so maintenance planning can be
achieved from your boat whilst fishing!
“Our clients were able to see
the safety advantage offered by
the Smart Liners,” Brett said.
Bradken Smart Liners
Sensor socket on the back of the Smart Liner
Product Profile