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undercarriage component supply and manufacture, the ability
of Bradken’s Crawler Systems business to offer a complete
undercarriage solution was attractive to the customer and,
together with the surety of Bradken’s onsite support, played a
key role in securing the work.
“The mining contractor has installed Bradken manufactured
undercarriages to suit Hitachi EX3600 and Terex RH120E
excavators at some of their other sites on the East Coast of
Australia. The ability to offer a complete undercarriage for their
Komatsu excavators was an attractive proposition, given the
performance they have achieved from their other installations,”
said Sam Hunt, Regional Sales Manager for the Crawler
Systems business.
Conducted onsite during a scheduled maintenance period, the
installation of the complete undercarriage setup involved the
change out of the following componentry:
The total combined weight of the
components installed was 79 tonnes.
PC5500 Load Rollers
PC5500 Drive Sprocket
PC5500 Crawler Shoes ready for installation
92 x Crawler Shoes
2 x Drive Sprockets
2 x Front Idler assemblies
14 x Load Rollers
6 x Return Rollers
The global nature of the Crawler Systems business is
reflected in the manufacture of the components required for
this project. The Crawler Shoes were cast at the Runcorn
foundry in Queensland, Australia, the load and return rollers
underwent final assembly at the Ipswich facility, also in
Queensland, and the front idlers were cast at the Scunthorpe
foundry in the United Kingdom. Despite the distances
involved, all components were delivered on time to meet the
scheduled shutdown.
Bradken’s Crawler Shoes offer some significant
enhancements over the Original Equipment Manufacturer
(OEM) design and are manufactured from Bradken’s high
strength BKC400 material which is ‘through hardened’
to give excellent wear resistance and uniform wear rates.
The redesigned internal coring eliminates some of the
weaknesses identified in the original design.
The load and return rollers are manufactured from a one piece
forging, which enables the roller to absorb more impact than
the two piece welded roller offered by the OEM.
Bradken manufactured Crawler Shoes have been installed
on many other Komatsu excavators all over the world, with
installations of PC8000 shoes in Brazil and the Canadian oil
sands, as well as PC3000 installations in other major mining
operations in Australia and South Africa.
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