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This design employed our harder
BKC400 alloy steel and improved
operating envelope allowing the
track shoe more room to wear
before change out.
After some months of design,
verification and customer
discussion, Bradken’s Crawler
Systems business won the order
for a set of shoes. They were
fitted to the RH400 excavator in
August 2012 and since that time
the tracks have been performing
trouble-free. The customer was
completely satisfied with the
product performance and the
after sales service provided by
our Edmonton office. As a result,
the customer has placed a
second order with Bradken
for a set of shoes to go into
service in April 2013.
Since then, Bradken’s
Crawler Systems business
has sold RH400 shoes to other
mine sites around the world.
and other wear surfaces still had
plenty of life in them at the time
the tracks were removed from the
machine. So Bradken engineers
set about designing an improved
shoe with a roller path that would
not wear as quickly as the OEM
shoe. In achieving this, we were
confident that the Bradken track
would last longer than the OEM
offering. The resulting design
was the Opti-Trak
Shoe installation.
Bradken’s Opti-Trak shoes in service.
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