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In April Bradken celebrated 91 years since
incorporation and with this anniversary
Bradken opened two significant projects
in our company's future.
The Global Corporate Centre in Newcastle
which will house most of our head office staff
and technical functions as well as the state
of the art greenfield foundry in Xuzhou, China which
will make Crawler Systems products. With impressive
infrastructure and capital investment completed it's time
to use the skills and knowledge we have in these facilities
to steady the course for the future.
A highlight of this edition is viewing all the staff who have
dedicated their careers to Bradken. From those recognised
globally as leaders at our Recognition nights through to
those who have committed their careers to Bradken. It is
humbling to see the commitment of so many employees
celebrating between 30–40 years of service with us.
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO
This edition was brought to you with contributions from:
Industrial – Andy Westgate
Human Resources – Wayne Herbertson
Mineral Processing – Paul Velecky / Craig Faulkner
Rail – Keith Hannan
Crawler Systems – Devon Award / Gabrielle Sumner
Michelle Fragar
Michelle Fragar
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celebratE SIX
years LTI-free
Bradken’s Bowen Basin operations (Mackay
and Emerald, QLD Australia) celebrated
six years Lost Time Injury (LTI)-free.
Bradken’s Mining Services Manager Queensland, Adam
Johnstone, said the significant safety milestone reflects the
commitment to safety of all Bradken’s employees in the Bowen
Basin, from Mackay to Emerald.
“Safety is our number one priority,” Mr Johnstone said.
“It’s just the way we do things around here. We’re very focussed
on the safety part of the business” he said.
Even Bradken’s team of sales personnel, who drive hundreds,
if not thousands, of kilometres a week servicing Bradken’s
customers are included in the LTI-free statistics.
“We work very hard to promote a strong safety awareness culture
to all our personnel,” Mr Johnstone said.
“Many years ago, high incident and injury rates were all too common
in the mining industry, but at Bradken we’ve turned that around to
the point where working safely is the priority and the achievement
of Safety Milestones such as this are valued and celebrated by all.”
The Bradken team came together at the Mackay site on
Wednesday 22 May 2013 for a celebratory luncheon and
award ceremony for all current Bradken employees.
GET & Buckets General Manager, Darren Muir presenting the facility award to Metal Recycling Manager,
Adam Johnstone
The team that made it to 6 years LTI-Free
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