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New Global
Corporate CENTRE
Inspires Innovation
Bradken’s new
Global Corporate
Centre (GCC)
in Newcastle,
Australia, has
been designed
and purpose
built to encourage
a collaborative
work environment
and promote
innovative thinking.
Artists Impression
The high-tech building has been
constructed on a 1.3ha site at the
Steel River eco-industrial estate
at Mayfield West and features
four laboratory spaces, testing
facilities, open plan offices,
meeting rooms, common areas,
and a commercial cafeteria all
contained in a two storey
environmentally friendly building.
There is also a separate multi-
purpose facility joining the main
office which can be used to
provide other employee amenities.
Andrew Allen, General Manager
Corporate Development, said
the greenfield site was identified
as the perfect location to build
a facility large enough to
consolidate Bradken’s 200 strong
workforce which has for several
years been spread across two
separate locations. He added
Managing Director, Brian Hodges and Chairman Nick Greiner opening the building.
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