Located approximately 120km
from Arkhangelsk in the
Northwest region of Russia, the
Lomonosov diamond mine
commenced production in 2005.
The mine is owned by Severalmaz
OAO, a subsidiary of ALROSA
the world’s largest producer of
diamonds producing
approximately 27% of world
production and 97% of all
Russian production.
As an open-pit operation, mining
conditions at the Lomonosov site
are dictated by the elements and
the environment. It is located in
an area of soggy earth adjacent
to a nature preserve and its
proximity to the Arctic Circle
generates some of the most
extreme seasonal temperature
variations in the world.
The region experiences seven
consecutive months a year where
low temperatures cause all
moisture in the ground to freeze
solid. As a result, working
conditions on site are highly
Over the last 12 months Bradken
has installed Evolution crawler
shoes onto two of the three
hydraulic excavators operating on
site, with the third machine still
operating with the Original
Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
crawler system.
Belgium based Regional Sales
Manager for the Crawler Systems
Business Nikolay Vishnevskiy
visited the site recently to
conduct the first round of wear
monitoring on all three machines
and to track the performance of
Bradken’s Evolution shoes
against the OEM system.
The results show Bradken’s
product outperforming the OEM
equivalent with regard to wear life
and in-service hours.
“Crawler shoes generally exhibit
wear in three key areas, the drive
lugs, roller paths and pin bores,”
Nikolay explains. “In this instance
the pin bores were measured by
The red muddy earth of the Arkhangelsk region of the Russian
Federation is home to Europe’s largest primary diamond deposit,
the Lomonosov field.
One of the three hydraulic excavators on site.
• Diamonds are the
hardest natural
substance on Earth
• Naturally occurring
diamonds are formed
over billions of years
under intense pressure
and heat. They are often
brought to the Earth’s
surface by deep
volcanic eruptions.
• Diamond weight is
measured in carats
(one carat = 0.2grams
or .007 ounces)
• The largest diamond
ever uncovered, the
Cullinan diamond,
weighed in at 3,106
carats and was the
approximate size of a
human fist – 105
individual stones were
cut from the Cullinan
diamond, the two
largest of which are part
of the British Crown
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