The QRC West project involves
the construction of an 11 storey
office building above two existing
heritage buildings, supported by
three 70 feet tall, eight legged
architecturally exposed ‘delta
frames’, featuring a 35,000 lb
(15,875 kg or 17.5 ton) central cast
connection ‘node’ manufactured
by Bradken.
Bradken was selected for the
project by Cast ConneX
Corporation, a Canadian company
specialising in the design and
supply of standardised and
customised cast steel structural
components for the building and
bridge construction market.
As Cast ConneX President Carlos
de Oliveira explains, Bradken’s
innovative ethos and collaborative
approach played a big part in
securing the project.
“We spoke to a number of
foundries on the potential
production of the cast structural
nodes for this project, and none
matched the level of confidence
that Bradken inspired,” Carlos
“Bradken’s understanding of the
needs of our market and open-
mindedness to consider alternative
production methodologies was a
major key to the project’s success.
“We were also very happy to have
found in Bradken a foundry which
could provide turnkey solution from
tooling production, casting, and
machining by leveraging various
facilities,” (the nodes were cast at
Bradken’s Atchison foundry with
the London facility making the
tooling and carrying out final
Bradken’s experience in the
manufacture of mission critical
cast components greatly assisted
in the construction of the delta
frame nodes which were required
not only to be structurally sound
(to support an incredible 80
meganewtons or 18 million pounds
of compression), but also to be
aesthetically pleasing as they form
the architectural focal point of a
grand glass atrium linking the new
and existing structures.
Bradken will look to capitalise on
the ‘celebrity’ of this unique project
within the North American building
construction market and beyond,
as opportunities continue to arise
for steel casting use in building
design. As Mr de Oliveira
“Steel casting use in the North
American building construction
market is a new and rapidly
growing trend that offers architects
and engineers the ability to extend
the limits of building design. We,
along with Bradken, are delighted
to be leaders in developing this
new market.”
The first delta frame assembly was
installed in October 2013 with the
overall development due for
completion in mid-2015.
Bradken's Engineered Products Division’s foundries are highly
experienced, technical foundries with a reputation for producing the
most complex engineered steel castings in the world. In late 2012, this
reputation led to Bradken manufacturing three mission critical cast
‘nodes’ required to support the redevelopment of the Queen Richmond
Centre West (QRC West) building in Toronto, Canada.
One of the nodes fresh out of the heat treatment oven.
Node installed on the lower section of one of the delta frames.
Installation complete, ready for field welding.
Queen Richmond Centre West (QRC West) building in Toronto, Canada.
Installation images courtesy of Cast ConneX Corporation.
Architectural image courtesy of Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co Architects Inc. and Allied Properties REIT.
Artist's Impression.
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