International Energy Agency,
the United States will
surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia
as the world’s top oil producer by
2015. In fact, in October 2013, the
US produced more crude oil than it
imported for the first time in nearly
20 years. Soaring shale output
is helping the world’s largest oil
consumer achieve its highest level
of energy independence in two
Just to the north, production from
the Oil Sands region of Western
Canada is continuing to increase
and is expected to grow from
approximately 430,000 barrels per
day in 2014 to around 5.7 million
barrels per day by 2025.
With the increase in production, the
region’s existing pipeline capacity is
becoming overwhelmed. To ensure
that production is not slowed,
pipeline companies Enbridge and
TransCanada are working on both
new build and expansion projects to
cater to the growing demand.
In order to move the heavy crude
oil, these pipeline companies have
turned to Sulzer to supply crude
oil pipeline pumps. The Sulzer
HSB pump is uniquely designed
to move high volumes of crude at
low pressures. The HSB pump is a
horizontal axially split housing, with
the top case weighing in at 6,114 lbs
(2.7 tonnes) and the bottom case a
staggering 14,710 lbs (6.6 tonnes)
each, making it one of the largest
pumps in the industry.
Thousands of Sulzer HSB pumps
are currently in use in pipelines
throughout the world with some of
the larger pipelines using more than
200 of them.
Sulzer HSB Pump
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