Port Arthur
Steele City
Sulzer and Bradken’s United States
based Engineered Products Division
have shared a special partnership
for five decades. Our geographical
footprint combined with our unique
capability and capacity to produce
complex steel, stainless steel and
super duplex steel pump cases
made selecting a foundry partner an
easy decision for Sulzer.
Over the years Bradken has provided
hundreds of HSB pump castings. At
the height of the most recent project
for the partnership, TransCanada
Keystone Phase III in 2013, Bradken
was shipping as many as six casting
sets per week and in the2013 fiscal
year shipped approximately 174 sets.
The short delivery, high quantity and
highqualitydemandsof thisproject led
Bradken to involve multiple foundries
in the manufacturing process with
the Tacoma, Washington foundry
responsible for casting the bottom
cases, the London, Ontario foundry
casting the top cases, and the
Atchison, Kansas foundry carrying
out aftercast work on the castings
poured in Tacoma.
With the involvement of the three
foundries, Bradken was able to meet
all of our customer’s expectations
for the project, including a customer
scrap rate of zero, while still
achieving an on-time delivery record
of 97%. Most importantly, to date
neither Sulzer nor their customer has
had a single casting fail.
Jack B. Feinstein, Vice President
Project Management - Business Area
Americas for Sulzer pumps, had this
to say of the relationship between
Bradken and Sulzer:
“We have placed a great deal of
trust and business with Bradken.
They have more than justified our
confidence and are an excellent
business partner. Our recent
successes in the pipeline industry
have catapulted us to be, in my
opinion, the world’s leader in pumps
for large diameter, large petroleum
pipelines, and our close working
relationship with Bradken is key to
that.  Bradken has proven to be not
only reliable but competitive, flexible
and responsive.  We look forward to
continuing that success, together.”
Bradken is currently in discussions
to participate in TransCanada’s
Pipeline “East Energy” project,
which is expected to include over
300 pump sets. We also expect to
participate in the Enbridge “Northern
Gateway” Pipeline project, which
has already been approved by the
Canadian government.
The Keystone Pipeline System is an oil pipeline running from
Alberta in Western Canada to refineries in Nebraska, Illinois
and the Gulf Coast of Texas in the United States. It carries
synthetic crude oil and diluted bitumen from the Canadian Oil
Sands as well as light crude oil from the Williston Basin region
(Montana and North Dakota) in the United States.
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