he integration of Bradken’s former
Rail Division and Australian-
based Industrial Business into
the new Transport & Industrial Products
Division (TIPs) from 1 July 2014 has
given Bradken the opportunity to evolve
from a predominantly Australian-centric
market focus in both businesses into a
transportation and industrial products
and services business with a global reach.
Both businesses had, in recent
times, worked hard on improving
safety, building customer and supplier
relationships, improving and developing
better systems and refining processes
for Bradken. These efforts represent
a journey upon which all involved can
be very proud as a sound platform for
growth has been established.
Individually the Rail Division and Industrial
Business lacked scale and market
scope, particularly in the face of a
softening resource sector market in
Australia. Interestingly however, each
division shared common characteristics,
particularly across transport-orientated
products and the markets for parts.
Together the businesses will have the
scale and breadth of capability to grow
into a highly diverse and successful
Bradken business division that can
prosper, not only in the Australian markets
but also on an international stage.
The new Division, which is headquartered
out of the Global Corporate Centre in New
South Wales, Australia, is responsible for:
All Bradken’s operations in China,
including foundry, fabrication and
wear product capability centred
around the Xuzhou facility,
Australian operations including
facilities at Innisfail and Ipswich
(Queensland), Maitland (New South
Wales) and Launceston (Tasmania),
Bradken’s foundry in Dunedin, New
The TIPs Division has a vision to take
existing products to new markets,
develop new products for existing
markets and to develop new markets for
both existing and new products.
Already, big inroads have been made
into the previously untapped Middle
Eastern market for rail products and
services, with new work won and a
number of tender proposals placed.
Successful new products have also
been developed for existing markets,
including the Bombardier Main Cross
Beam (a support mechanism for the
Bombardier passenger tram). Over
the coming months work will continue
on a number of exciting new product
and market developments aimed at
delivering customer value.
At the same time, the Division is serious
about ensuring that the capability under
its stewardship remains easily accessible
to the broader Bradken organisation.
The TIPs team is united in its commitment
to achieve the best safety, quality and
delivery benchmarks in the post mining
boom period. Only with such focus can
Bradken’s investment in people, plant
and processes within the TIPs Division
be leveraged to underpin the products
and services sold and translated into
favourable financial outcomes.
Bradken continues the push to strengthen its businesses for
sustainability on the global stage – like the Mineral Processing
Business a year earlier, a second Bradken Division has been
reconfigured to align with standard global structures.
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