Bradken Ground Engaging Tools - GuardianTM

Bradken’s Guardian™ is designed to protect your machine fleet, truck trays and static equipment from excess wear.

Bradken’s wide range of Guardian wear runners offer flexibility and choice for your wear protection requirements.

Runners are ready to fit on delivery without any welding or preparation and because they are so simple to replace, they can be reversed to maximise wear life.

And, thanks to Bradken’s Guardian removal tool offering safe, hammerless removal, Guardian is a fast, simple and safe way to install wear protection.

Guardian mobile plant wear protection assemblyGuardian wear protection being installed on a bucket 

Features & Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Variety of runners and bases Suits multiple applications and bucket surfaces Customised to application
No part modifications required
Single piece locking device Quick and efficient change-out Reduced down time
Increased production time
Reduced operating costs
Bradken superior alloys Superior wear resistance and strength properties Improved wear life
Reduced downtime costs
Mechanically attached Welding not required after initial installation of bases
No heat being continually applied to structural components
Increased safety
Reduced maintenance cost
Increased production