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Bradken Ground Engaging Tools - Twistlokpro

Twistlokpro is the next evolution in Bradken's Plate Lip GET system for mining class excavators, rope shovels and front end loaders. Combined with Bradken's design expertise in lip design, Twistlokpro provides you with the benefits of:

  • Fast and safe installation with a hammer free installation of the point and locking pin
  • Further prolonging the life of your adapter by including (optional) common wear caps on both the top and bottom leg, including straddle leg adapters
  • Increased point life from improved point styles
  • Safe removal of adapters with lifting points that are protected from material wash and damage
  • Interchangeable with existing Twistlok adapters and competitor adapters with a helix style nose

Overview Video

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Hammer free locking pin

Bradken's hammer free Twistlokpro locking pin (patent pending) provides improved safety, with only a 17mm allen key or ratchet setup required to install and remove the pin.  The pin is also reusable, reducing the ongoing running costs of your machine.

Twistlokpro - Hammer free locking pin


Points have been reengineered based on data collected from point wear and point performance of existing styles. This in turn has provided a 10% to 15% increase in wear material in critical wear areas, prolonging your point life.

Twistlokpro - Point wear life

Wear Caps

A common Twistlokpro  wear cap is available on both the top and bottom legs of mining sized adapters.  Being a common wear cap, they can be interchanged across any of the five locations, which maximises the life of the wear cap.  The added value of having a wear cap is the time and resources it saves by not having to weld on additional protection to the adapter legs Front end loaders will benefit the most from bottom leg wear caps.

Protected Lifting Point

Our T810 adapter range features a protected lifting point (Australian Standard certified) beneath the top leg wear caps, providing a safe and time effective means of removing the adapter from your machine.

Twistlokpro - Protected Lifting Lug


Interchangeable with existing Twistlok adapters and competitor's with a helix style nose

Twistlokpro - Interchangeable