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Bradken Group Supply

Based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, Group Supply coordinates procurement for Bradken and is responsible for sourcing all indirect spend commodities for the Company, selecting suppliers and negotiating Group Supply Agreements.

Once a Group Supply Agreement is in place, the various divisions of Bradken typically deal directly with the supplier. Group Supply itself does not make any transactional purchases.

Indirect spend commodities typically include:

  • Capital Procurement
  • Travel and Entertainment
  • Facility Management and Energy
  • Office Supplies and Equipment
  • IT and Communication
  • Freight and Courier Services
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Professional and Personnel

Our suppliers

Bradken strives to create partnerships with suppliers by developing mutually beneficial Group Supply Agreements. We offer our suppliers business opportunities with Bradken and expect our suppliers to ensure the best Total Cost of Ownership for the products we purchase.

We are always interested to hear from potential new suppliers. If you are interested in working with Bradken, please forward your details to

Our suppliers must:

Benefits for both sides

Working with Bradken Group Supply is a commitment to continuously improve the supply of quality products and services and on-time delivery performance. Our supplier assessment follows total cost principles, and all suppliers are expected to be committed to realising efficiency improvements.

Once a Group Supply Agreement is in place, we will invest considerable resources to ensure that your products and services are available throughout our company. We will work with you to promote and create cross-company awareness of your products.