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The Company's 21 Step OHS Management Plan forms an integral part of the Company's Management System. It incorporates the Company's Vision and Values, which along with the Safety Principles form the foundation blocks for the Safety Management within the Company.

The 21 Step Safety Plan reinforces the safety processes outlined in International and Australian safety standards such as AS4801.

Bradken is committed through continuous improvement to:

  • preventing all injuries, illnesses and incidents.
  • providing a safe and healthy workplace.
  • protecting the environment.



  • All injuries and incidents can be prevented.
  • Involvement in injury, illness and incident prevention and reporting is the direct responsibility of all employees.
  • All our employees shall be appropriately educated and trained in health, safety and the environment.
  • Management shall ensure management systems and operating procedures are compliant and proactively reduce injuries and incidents.
  • Management recognises that health, safety and protection of the environment is its highest priority.

Bradken’s Health and Safety policy is achieved by our ability
“To Safely Do What We Said When We Said”


The following principles support our health and safety policy and set out those areas of activity which are essential to achieving the aspirations of the policy.

1. All injuries and incidents can be prevented

We will ensure work-related incidents and near-misses are reported, investigated and analysed to prevent recurrence. Our investigations will focus on root causes and recommendations will be shared and implemented across the Company.

2. We demonstrate the level of Safety that we want

People at all levels in Bradken have responsibility for their own health and safety and should set an example for others.

3. We confront at risk behaviour

Everyone in Bradken is responsible for sharing good practice as well as learning from near-misses. Sharing experiences with others can help prevent incidents. We all have a duty to intervene.

4. We involve employees in decision making

We recognise that our employees possess a wealth of information and experience. Employees are involved in all areas of the safety process to utilise their knowledge and harness the improvement potential.

5. Training is not to be compromised

We will ensure that all our employees are trained so that they are professionally skilled and qualified for their jobs and thereby can contribute to an improved health and safety performance.

6. A safe business is a good business

We will establish systems for tracking our performance. We will regularly conduct internal and external audits of our risk control measures and management systems. We will monitor behaviours at all levels to ensure we create a successful health and safety culture in Bradken.

7. All operating exposures can be safe-guarded

We will identify the hazards and risks associated with our activities starting with our major risks. We will put in place appropriate control measures and challenge them in the context of change, so that we aim for continuous improvement.

8. Management is accountable but everyone is responsible for OHS

Management is accountable for health and safety; managers will demonstrate leadership of health and safety through personal example. People at all levels in Bradken have responsibility for their own health and safety and should set an example for others.

9. Compliance is a minimum requirement

We will identify all legislation that is applicable to the company and ensure that the minimum requirements are imbedded within our processes.

10. Assessment is to be based on facts and data

We will continually measure our performance and effectiveness of the safety system implementation against the desired outcomes.

11. A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce

We will promote and improve the health and well-being of all Bradken employees.