Executive Leadership Team

  • Tetsuya joined Bradken in November 2017 from Hitachi Construction Machinery in Japan. He has held a number of leadership roles focused on organisational development and a range of Human Resource disciplines since joining HCM in Tokyo in 1997.

    He has worked in both Tokyo and Europe, spending five years based in Amsterdam and several years in Toronto. His previous role was as Manager Human Resources responsible for global HR strategies, mergers & acquisitions and planning.

    Tetsuya is responsible for:

    • providing the maximum benefit for Bradken of utilising Hitachi and HCM resources globally
    • ensuring communications and interactions between HCM and Bradken are efficient and value adding
    • working across all parts of the Bradken business to help maximise our results and build well-functioning teams
    • leading specific integration projects where large synergies are possible. This includes expanding the use of Bradken products throughout HCM networks and growing revenue for both HCM and Bradken globally.

  • Steven has been with Bradken since 1990. Having progressed through various other finance-based roles he was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2011, after nine years as Commercial Manager Mining Products.

    He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from the University of Newcastle, a Master of Business Administration (Advanced) from the University of Western Australia and is a member of CPA Australia.

    Steven is responsible for:

    • finance, treasury, taxation, investor relations, investments, audit and insurance.

  • Brad has been with the Bradken business for 33 years and was appointed Executive General Manager Mining and Transport, now Mobile Plant, in May 2015. 

    Prior to this appointment Brad held a number of senior positions within the Bradken Group including Executive General Manager of Bradken’s Mineral Processing Division from June 2012, President Resource Products in the United States from July 2009, and President Bradken Products and Integration in the United States following the 2008 acquisition of Americast.

    Brad is responsible for:
    • managing the global operations of the Mobile Plant business.

  • Craig has a 14 year career history with Bradken. He was appointed General Manager Fixed Plant in January 2011 and joined the Executive Management team in 2015.

    Prior to this he was Manufacturing Manager of Bradken’s Henderson (from 2005) and Welshpool (from 2009) foundries. Prior to joining the Bradken Group, Craig held senior positions with Swanmet Foundry in Malaysia, Walkers foundry in Queensland and the FOSECO foundry supply company in Sydney.

    He holds a Diploma in Chemistry from Bankstown Technical College.

    Craig is responsible for:
    • managing Bradken’s Fixed Plant business

  • Rowan joined Bradken in 2018 as the Executive General Manager of the Mineral Processing business.

    Prior to joining Bradken, Rowan held senior positions with Sandvick, Robit and VAMT  China.

    He has a Bachelor of Engineering, Mining, University of Sydney, NSW. He also has an Masters of Business Administration from xxx.

    Rowan is responsible for:
    • Leading Bradken’s Mineral Processing business

  • Kevin was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of the Engineered Products Division in October 2013. 

    He joined Bradken as part of the AmeriCast Technologies acquisition in August 2008, serving as President of the Industrial Products business unit from that time.  Kevin previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of AmeriCast, and its predecessor Atchison Casting Corporation, for 17 years. 

    He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Kansas State University and a Master of Business Administration from Washburn University.

    Kevin is responsible for:
    • managing the Engineered Products division of Bradken in the US.

  • Andrew has a 35 year career history with Bradken and was appointed General Manager Operations for the Mining & Transport Division in May 2015.

    Having held numerous senior management positions across the Bradken Group, he has significant manufacturing and technical expertise as well as operational and management experience.

    He holds an Associate Diploma in Metallurgy Engineering from the Sydney Technical College.

    Andrew is responsible for:

    • overseeing the operation of Bradken’s facilities throughout China, Australia and New Zealand
    • the development of a long term global manufacturing and logistics network to support the sales and marketing functions.

  • John has been with Bradken for 28 years and was appointed Chief Technical Officer in March 2005.

    He has had considerable experience across all Bradken operations previously occupying positions as a multi-site Manufacturing Manager, Technical and Product Development Manager for Mineral Processing and Head of Rail Engineering. He assumed responsibility for the Cast Metal Services business in June 2009. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of New South Wales.

    John is responsible for:

    • Bradken’s technological direction, process and product innovation and advancement.

  • Mark joined Bradken in November 2017.

    He joins Bradken after an extensive career in international HR and business leadership roles with Foster’s Group and Treasury Wines, and most recently as Head of HR & Safety for Toll Global Express. Prior to that, Mark was a Commissioned Officer for nine years in the Royal Australian Air Force.
    He holds a degree in [to be completed]

    Mark is responsible for:
    • providing global leadership of our Human Resources team
    • enhancing communications
    • developing a motivating and engaging workplace at Bradken, where all employees feel valued and challenged
    • integrating this work into Bradken’s overall vision and values while helping Bradken to realise its long term strategic goals.

  • Fiona joined Bradken as General Manager Safety & Wellbeing in September, 2017.

    With a strong background in operations and safety, including 13 years with OneSteel and 8 years with DuPont, Fiona brings real, hands-on knowledge and experience to her role along with a passion for creating positive safety and wellbeing change across the entire business.

    She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering.

    Fiona is responsible for:

    • the continued development of Bradken’s BradSafe program
    • implementing specific initiatives to improve the safety performance, culture, processes and systems across Bradken
    • working closely with all Manufacturing and Operating personnel to help us drive Bradken’s safety performance and processes.