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Andrew Allen, General Manager – Corporate
Development recently received an “HonouraryMedal
of Labour Day” issued by the Jiangsu Provincial
Government for his outstanding contributions to the
e-economic construction and development of social
undertakings in the Jiangsu Province.
Andrew has been the Project Manager and an
integral part of the development of all stages of the
Xuzhou facility. The Jiangsu Provincial Government
presented Andrew with an award and 3,000 RMB
(approx. $A530) in gratitude for his efforts. Andrew
donated the money to the Red Cross Xuzhou
who help underprivileged Chinese students with
their education.
Andrew Allen receiving his award.
Andrew with members of the Xuzhou team at his presentation ceremony.
The opening of the new foundry was a significant
achievement highlighting our ability to not only
build a facility but to also build culturally aligned
people systems. The Management team for this
new facility were all recruited locally in China and
were trained by Company mentors specifically
selected for the project. This required significant
effort on the part of many people and the success
of this project is testament to all the people involved
and the strength of our culture of delivering results.
The foundry now employs over 150 people and is
operated by a local Management team.
As the plant moves to full production, the focus
will be on enhancing manufacturing processes to
maximise output and achieve targeted efficiencies.
The Xuzhou facility provides Bradken with a world
class, cost competitive manufacturing environment
which will continue to be developed as demand
requires. We will continue to mentor and upskill the
Xuzhou team using our global wealth of knowledge.
From left, Tang Xingyu and Xu Lei both Mechanical Engineers
for the Xuzhou Foundry receiving their recognition awards.
Andrew Allen congratulating Chaogang Li, Xuzhou’s
Manufacturing Manager on receiving his recognition award.