Bradken Limited Annual Report 2015 - page 12

Our Vision and Values for
strategy of integrating health, safety, environmental, social and
economic factors into our decision-making processes.
Maintaining our licences to operate as a global company is dependent upon gaining access to raw materials and ensuring we
maintain the trust of our shareholders, employees, contractors, communities, customers and suppliers.
Our approach to sustainability reflects our commitment to put health and safety first, be environmentally responsible and
provide support to each of the communities in which we operate. In reporting our sustainability performance we include
our impact on the environment, resource conservation and biodiversity, and our efforts to ensure the broader economic
contributions of our operations benefit the regions in which we operate.
To deliver successfully on our business strategies, we identify and respond to all sustainability issues which have a direct or
indirect impact on our business and society at large. Using a documented assessment process, we identify and prioritise
material sustainability issues.
are core to our
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