Crawler systems

Bradken is a global leader in crawler system design and manufacture for large hydraulic excavators and electric rope shovels. Our reputation for high quality, dependable undercarriage products has been proven over decades supplying to mining markets around the world.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of undercarriage for mining machines over 200T. Over the past 25 years, we’ve manufactured and supplied more than 200,000 crawler shoes for mining customers worldwide.

By focusing on our customers’ undercarriage requirements we are able to offer effective, site specific solutions, that provide superior performance with minimal maintenance.

Bradken’s undercarriage components are designed to withstand the extreme mining conditions of the Arctic regions (Russia, Canada, Mongolia and Kazakhstan) where temperatures can drop to -60°C. Bradken’s proprietary alloys and processes maximise impact strength and toughness over a wide range of operating temperatures. While our alloys ensure reliable performance in extreme temperatures, we also carefully select our lubricants for our range of rollers and idlers. Extremely corrosive conditions such as those experienced in sulphurous volcanic geologies, particularly when water combines with volcanic fines to create a corrosive slurry, can adversely affect the life of undercarriage components.

Bradken’s precision-machined components and sealed-forlife rollers minimise ingress of detrimental material, and Bradken uses only the highest quality alloys to ensure component durability in corrosive environments. The majority of the world’s mining regions face abrasive wear due to the quantity and nature of mineral fines on site. Rock dust, combined with water creates an abrasive slurry that plays a significant part in accelerating wear and reducing undercarriage service life.

Our unique induction hardening processes achieve greater case depth than competitor products, resulting in greater wear life of these components. Our proprietary, through-hardened alloy, offers an alternative unique to Bradken undercarriage products, prolonging shoe life in systems that have sufficient space for interconnecting parts to wear. Finally, all Bradken undercarriage designs are optimised to maximise wear face contact areas, minimising contact pressure and reducing the detrimental effect of abrasive wear.

Bradken offers an extensive range of undercarriage components including:

  • Crawler shoes/track pads

Our electric rope shovel range of crawler shoes and undercarriage components was developed to provide improved performance.

  • Drive Tumblers

Depending on the platform, Bradken drive tumblers are supplied in either high grade, high quality, induction hardened material or quench & tempered high grade alloy providing increased impact and wear characteristics.

Hardness levels of the wear surfaces are matched to the mating components whilst retaining a ductile core that is able to absorb impact.

CNC machined surfaces and the use of superior quality components ensure that the replacement parts are a consistent fit and are of optimum quality

  • Front Idlers

Using our detailed understanding of the machine and its operation, the front idler assembly designs are optimised to handle high impact loads and feature improvements to the thrust and bearing surfaces. No modifications are needed to be made to the track frames however we do recommend that any track frame wear is repaired prior to assembly to prevent uneven loading and premature wear.

  • Return and Load rollers

Our rollers feature a one piece shell. This eliminates unscheduled downtime caused by the roller failing due to the shell splitting in half.

The rollers are supplied as a  sealed, ready to install unit (including mounting hardware) with the option of oil or a molylube filled lubricant. This means the rollers do not have to be fitted to the autolube system (if it exists). High quality seals, bushes, axles and axle retention systems offer dependable service life.

  • Pins and other components

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