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BUSINESS may have a wide range
of innovative and market leading
products, but ultimately success is
dependent on that business persuading
customers to purchase their products or
services rather than buying from their
competitors. This is what Communications
is all about.
For Bradken, Communications is the voice
of our Company. It tells the world who we
are by promoting our name and creating
brand awareness. It tells our markets
about our range of products and services
and expresses our competitive advantage,
and it speaks with our customers and our
investors keeping them informed of the
latest news and information available.
While once upon a time
Communications was largely
concerned with the distribution
of information through the traditional
media (television, print and radio),
the advent of the digital age saw
Communications, as a business concern,
evolve to incorporate new functions
and forms including advertising and
promotional material, online content
and social media, public events and
tradeshows, and even recruitment.
As a consequence of the multi-faceted
nature of Communications, it is a
complex area to manage. This is
especially true for Bradken
where our global network of
facilities and diverse range
of products and services
become a balancing
act between the Group
Marketing Function and
the various Divisions and
Businesses on a project by
project basis.
To be effective, any communication
(regardless of the form it takes)
presented on behalf of Bradken must
be clear, consistent and controlled. As
such it is important that all employees
are aware of and understand the
Company’s expectations and guidelines
in relation to both public and customer
Communications as outlined in the
Company’s Communications Policy. The
policy document is available to all Bradken
employees via Paradigm and contains
English, Chinese, French Canadian and
Spanish language translations.
“Communications is the
voice of our Company.
It tells the world who
we are by promoting our
name and creating brand
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