In the latter half of 2014
Bradken once again
offered a select group of
employees and scholarship
students the opportunity to
participate in the Foundry
Practices course run in
conjunction with TAFE
Queensland SkillsTech at
their state of the art facility
in Acacia Ridge, Queensland
First run in 2011 the course
covers all necessary processes
and practices involved in the
manufacture of metal castings
which are at the foundation
of our Business. From pattern
making to pouring moulds to
inspection and testing, the
course provides valuable hands
on learning on the entire foundry
As Wayne Herbertson, General
Manager Human Resources
explains; “Participants benefit by
receiving practical knowledge
from experiencing the entire
process and the awareness
created connects them to the
core processes of our Business
and increases metallurgical
knowledge across the company.”
In addition the continued offering
of this course has furthered our
relationships with Wollongong
and Newcastle Universities
(located in New South Wales,
Australia) with both now
recognising the value of the
course as part of their curriculum
with undergraduate participants
receiving course credits towards
their degrees.
In 2014 more than half of the
group selected for participation
in this course were Bradken
sponsored scholarship students
highlighting the value placed on
our undergraduate programs as
a pipeline of talent for the future.
Megan Latham (University of
Wollongong Scholarship Student)
Minyuan Liu (General Manager
Xuzhou) & Zhang Mei Jiao
(Production Planner Xuzhou)
Lachlan Pudney (University of
Wollongong Scholarship Student)
David Lark (Design Engineer Fixed
Plant) & Lachlan Pudney, with SkillsTech
course instructor.
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