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a strong commitment and
dedication to improving safety across all
facilities, Bradken’s Australasian based
operations achieved a Lost Time Injury
Frequency Rate (LTIFR) of 1.3 in October this
year, the lowest LTIFR figure to ever be
recorded for the region and a significant
reduction from the figure of 4.0 previously
recorded in July 2011.
Between July 2011 and September 2015, a
number of safety initiatives were implemented
in an effort to increase safety awareness and
improve site safety. These initiatives
contributed significantly to the successful
reduction of the LTIFR figure for the region,
however this result could not have been
achieved without the enthusiasm and
perseverance shown by our employees, front
line leaders, managers, safety representatives
and site Safety Committees.
JULY 2011:
Internal Review/Pat Gooding
General Managers conduct a review of their
business units with respect to OHS hazard
and risk identification. Pat Gooding,
Manufacturing Manager (retired) of the
Wodonga foundry conducts review of each
site specifically examining the implementation
of Steps 1, 2, 5 and 19 of Bradken’s 21 Step
Safety Plan, resulting in the update of
Business Unit and Site safety plans and the
implementation of 30 day safety plans and
Personal Safety Action Plans.
James Wood ‘Choices’
Runcorn site management engage the services
of James Wood, a paraplegic whose injuries
were the result of a work place accident. James
conducts worksite sessions reinforcing the
potential impact of unsafe workplace choices
for individuals, their colleagues and families.
Response to Runcorn sessions see James
engaged to conduct sessions at every site in
the region.
JULY 2012:
DuPont Training
2011 reviews also identified the need to
enhance the safety skills and knowledge of
Front Line Leaders to enable them to drive
safety at the section level. Subsequently from
July 2012 to October 2013, 80 Managers and
272 Supervisors and team Leaders undertook
a three day DuPont safety program focused on
developing safety leadership skills and the use
of Bradken safety systems to facilitate
employee participation and drive safety
Occupational Hygiene Program
Occupation Hygiene Program established
involving occupational hygiene assessments of
all sites to establish benchmark exposure
As at October
2015, Bradken’s
operations achieved
a record low LTIFR
result setting a new
safety benchmark
for all Bradken’s
operations globally.
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