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Licence to Lift and Licence
to Melt Development
Statistical analysis showed an increase in
injuries, incidents and near misses due to
lifting and melting related activities. Working
groups were established to identify the factors
contributing to these increases and make
recommendations for their control. One
recommendation was the issuing of licences
for lifting and melting. Specialist teams were
established to develop the Bradken ‘
Licence to
’ and ‘
Licence to Melt
’ cards.
JULY 2013:
Bradken Safety Passport
and Zero Harm Campaign
Bradken Safety Passport developed
incorporating simplified hazard and near miss
reporting and a ‘Take Time Take Charge’ risk
assessment tool. Zero Harm 12 month rolling
campaign (featuring posters, table talkers,
card inserts for the Safety Passport and
toolbox talks) developed for the top 12
identified safety risks.
Jason Pawley Sessions
Roll out the Bradken Safety Passport and Zero
Harm campaign material facilitated by Jason
Pawley. Jason lost an eye in a workplace
accident while employed at Bradken. Sessions
were held at each site where he shared his
story and reinforced the importance of looking
after yourself and others in the workplace, and
reporting hazards and risks.
Train the Trainer
Sites identified lifting and melting champions
to roll out melting and lifting licences. These
employees were put through a five day ‘Train
the Trainer’ program jointly run by NSW TAFE
and Bradken.
MARCH 2014:
Rollout of Licence to Lift
and Licence to Melt
Licence to Lift and Licence to Melt training
rolled out regionally. Physical licence cards
were designed to fit into the Safety Passports.
APRIL 2014:
Risk Management
and Process Maps
Australian Institute of Management was
engaged to conduct training on Process
Mapping in order to enhance the identification
and management of OHS risks within the
region. Site based OHS risk management
training sessions were also conducted.
Near Miss and Hazard Reporting
Reinforcement Push
Presentation developed to reinforce Near Miss
and Hazard Reporting rolled out to all sites.
APRIL 2015:
Hand Safety Awareness
Development and roll out of hand safety
awareness Program incorporating toolbox
talks, videos and Zero Harm theme posters.
JUNE 2015:
Rollout of Employee Connect OHS
Reporting Module
Training conducted across all sites.
These are only the highlights. The results to
date are a credit to each and every employee
for looking after their own safety and the safety
of their mates.
The journey is not over and our target is
Zero Harm – but we are heading in the right
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